Saturday, July 23, 2011

Apple Mac enthusiasts joining up

About a month ago, we bravely held an Apple Mac information day at ParraPals.  We already had three MAC enthusiasts amongst our membership, and we knew there had to be more out there.  So we sent a community notice to the Parramatta Advertiser, inserted a snippet in ASCCA's newsletter, and asked our members to spread the word.

About a dozen people turned up, and this resulted in a Special Interest Group being formed.  The first meeting was held yesterday.  Just about everyone from the information session turned up, plus more.

Three or four participants were experienced MAC users, five were inexperienced users, and another three were PC users who were "just interested".  This was a good balance since the experienced members were able to answer questions and demonstrate programs.  One member was just about to travel to the UK for a family reunion, and so we asked her to tell us what applications she intended to use whilst travelling.  Judy showed her Picasa, and also demonstrated iPhoto.

Hopefully the group will become better known and will grow large enough for us to run more courses - we only have one short course at the moment.  And then we'll need to worry about space!

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