Friday, September 10, 2010

Meeting Peter Blasina at the ASCCA conference

John Lee with Peter Blasina at the ASCCA conference 

ParraPals member John Lee wrote this little memoir after yesterday's conference:
Back in the computer age of 286 and 486 computers, I started editing my home video tapes by computer, using Pinnacle connection equipment and its analogue computer program.
At the time I subscribed to a local video magazine edited by Peter Blasina. Pinnacle upgraded their product regularly and I attended a couple of  evening presentations held at Chatswood to introduce each upgrade, and the presenter was Peter Blasina.
So, today I attended another presentation by Peter,who is now the well-known Gadget Man, on The Digital Revolution is Just Starting.
 I was later pleased to be near  Peter during the lunch period, and we talked about those early days of analogue video editing, and his Pinnacle presentations in those pre-digital days.
 I still continue to use current Pinnacle video editing programmes to make my home movies, not in analogue thank goodness, but digital.