Monday, November 2, 2009

Preparing for this afternoon's lesson on Blogging

Whilst John is teaching Internet and Email this morning to his four eager students, I am at home preparing some notes. (We had a busy and sociable weekend and spent last week down the coast having a relaxing break).

In preparing these notes, I am using three software applications. These are Microsoft Word 2007, the Internet (Google of course), and a little tool you have probably never heard of called MWSnap. This enables me to take screen shots to place in the training notes, but is much more versatile than Windows Print Screen (PrtSc key on your keyboard). I can "snap" and copy (as an image) a menu or any rectangular area. You can download MWSnap at

A similar program is called Faststone Capture. Do a Google search for Faststone Capture and see whether you'd prefer to use that rather than MWSnap.

I'll see you (Google Tool students, that is) at 1.00pm. You can create your first blog then.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gmail, iGoogle and blogger

As comments on yesterday's blog make evident, John took no part in the Google tools training yesterday. He has a bad cough and is not at all well today.

Nevertheless, we had a really good session. The first task was to set up a Google account, which three students had already done. The students are all quite computer literate, most of them having enjoyed lessons for at least a year, so that didn't take long. The next task was to set up a customised iGoogle page. This will be ongoing of course, as we investigate the many Google tools available and discover which of them we each enjoy most.

We then had a look at Deborah's blog on her current travels in the USA and became followers. After that we looked at this blog and put some comments on it.

By this stage we'd nearly run out of time, just as we were beginning the task of setting up a Googletools group in our personal Gmail accounts. We couldn't believe how fast the session had gone.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Parrapals first blog

Tomorrow afternoon, Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors starts its first course in Google Tools, becoming familiar with an amazing group of Google applications. Margaret Tucker and John Moxon will be running the 10 hour course, and six members are enrolled. The cost is $40.

Members will set up a Google account if they don't already have one, and become familiar with Gmail, Google calendars, web albums, blogs and more. There will be room in the curriculum for members to follow their particular interests.