Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Success in the ASCCA competitions

Nadia, Florence and Josie attending for the first time

Today, 15 members attended Day One of the ASCCA conference at the Rydges World Square (Pitt Street, Sydney). Great speakers, interesting workshops, followed by the ASCCA Annual General Meeting. The AGM is always accompanied by the Club Competition results, and once again, our club featured in the results.

Judy receiving her 1st prize from the Microsoft judge

In fact, Judy Joyce excelled herself. She is this year's Grand Champion in the Photo Story section of the competition. She received a third prize for Marley and Me (about her dog) and a first prize for Rivers & Resilience, in the family history section.

Judy also received a prize in the Creative writing competition.
Parrapals also featured in the website and newsletter sections of the competition. As webmaster and newsletter editor, yours truly received a third prize in the newsletter competition and a second prize for our website.  Here I am below accepting one of the awards.
Margaret receiving a certificate for 3rd place from the Dept of Human Services representative

What a thrill this was for Judy, and all of us!

And earlier in the day, Helen was lucky enough to win a digital camera which had been brought over from Japan by our international guest.
Helen Nagiel being presented with a digital camera

And we haven't even mentioned the presentations - or the food.  The conference has once again been very well organised by Nan Bosler and the ASCCA directors, and by the staff who include Deborah Martin, who is working at ASCCA part time for a few months.  A wonderful show all round.

Peter and John at the conference

Michael, Margaret & John waiting for the opening session